DIY Mood Booster Roller Pen

March 23, 2022

Life is stressful and when you’ve had a particularly hard day, you may be in need of a little pick-me up. That’s where this DIY Mood Booster Roller Pen recipe comes into play.

Featuring uplifting essential oils, this DIY mood booster will do just the trick to help brighten your spirits. Plus, it’s easy to keep on hand either in your medicine cabinet, handbag, or even in your desk drawer.

So, how does this this DIY Mood Booster Roller Pen recipe boost your mood? It’s all through the power of essential oils!

This recipe features tangerine, rosemary, and ylang ylang essential oils, so let’s take a look at what the research has to say about each

According to one study, ylang ylang essential oil is highly effective for fighting anxiety by promoting feelings of calm.

In the study, 144 volunteers were randomly exposed to the aromas of ylang ylang, peppermint, or no aroma. The researchers found that while peppermint enhanced memory and alertness, ylang ylang significantly increased calmness. [1]

Meanwhile, recent studies have found that tangerine oil has a relaxing, sedative effect. [2]

Finally, in a 2013 study, 20 people inhaled rosemary oil and reported having more energy and feeling “fresher.” [3] Personally, I like to use rosemary oil to help fight the effects of stress.

Now that you know more about why this DIY Mood Booster Roller Pen recipe is so effective, let’s dive into the actual recipe. It’s so simple and only takes a few minutes to put it together

This recipe makes three DIY Mood Booster Roller Pens, meaning you’ll have extras, so try to keep one with you when you travel so that it’s always handy.


DIY Mood Booster Roller Pen

Makes: 3

Time: 5 minutes


DIY mood booster - Dr. Pingel



2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

15 drops tangerine essential oil

10 drops rosemary essential oil

5 drops ylang ylang essential oil



1. In a bowl, whisk together all the ingredients.

DIY mood booster - Dr. Pingel

2. Use a funnel to divide the mixture between 3 roller balls.

DIY mood booster - Dr. Pingel

3. Shake before use, then apply to pulse points such as temples or inner wrists.

DIY mood booster - Dr. Pingel

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