Personal Health Consultations

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Have you had trouble getting answers from your primary care physician?


Do you feel like you’re not 
really being heard?


Are you wondering if there’s something else you can do to improve your health?


Do you suspect that you haven’t found the root cause of your health concerns?



Wish you could speak directly with Dr. Pingel to get her health education advice on your personal health situation?

Good news: Dr. Pingel is now offering one-on-one virtual health and wellness coaching sessions to assist you in your quest for total health.

Take a look at the offerings below so you can best determine how you should proceed:

Level 1 Consultation

$ 100
  • 30-minute virtual video session with Dr. Pingel
  • Discuss any specific health information and background, including health data
  • Get a second opinion and advice on what you can do to be your own advocate and best support your individual health needs

Level 2 Consultation

$ 200
  • Pre-session review of personal health data by Dr. Pingel*
  • 30-minute in-depth discussion of Dr. Pingel’s review of your personal health information and any questions you may have
  • Personal detailed written summary of your session delivered to you via email

How do I know if Level 1 is for me?

  • I only have a few questions and can easily cover my background and those questions in 30 minutes.
  • I want generalized health and well-being educational advice.
  • I want to improve my stress levels and overall health, but I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

How do I know if Level 2 is for me?

  • I have several questions and/or health data that needs more time for review.
  • I want to receive more educational advice so I can have more productive visits with my primary care physician.
  • I want to make that most of my 30-minute call by having Dr. Pingel review my records.
  • I want to have a detailed summary of our conversation so that I don’t miss any details.



Dr. Pingel helped me when my doctor brushed off my symptoms. She provided a fresh perspective and guided me on how to ask the questions I needed to have answered. I left our session feeling informed and empowered to really take control of my health. Thank you, Dr. Pingel!"

"After years of medical bills and no answers from my primary care physician, I reached out to Dr. Pingel. She took the time to listen to me and advised me to search for the root cause of what was going on with my health. I have struggled with infertility, an inflamed liver, and inflammation. Quickly, Dr. Pingel suggested a list of blood work to discuss with my primary physician, which I did and, because of this, my physician was able to finally give me a diagnosis that explained my symptoms. She suggested I discuss a specific diet with my doctor to manage my inflammation. After just one month on the diet, I have lost 15 pounds and have little to no pain. Thanks to her wellness consulting, I was able to communicate with my doctor more efficiently and get better control of my health! I am so thankful for Dr. Pingel!”

She was able to enhance my already good health by suggesting I speak to my doctor about adding a supplementation routine that has proven to be powerful in helping my immune system remain at its strongest. She also educated me on the value of nutritional IV therapy for my current health situation. It turns out, my doctors office offers that service! The addition of some IV Therapy at various times has been a bonus in my overall health. The combination of information I have received has been life changing for me. I feel wonderful and have an abundance of energy! Thank you Dr. Pingel!

I have sleep issues and Dr. Pingel played a huge part in getting me to a place of lowered stress and anxiety levels. She provided me with meditation and breathing techniques as well as suggested some herbs to discuss with my doctor to help me get to sleep at night. I am now sleeping better because of you! Thank you Dr. Pingel!

My monthly cycles are literally a pain and I wasn’t getting anything from my doctor on what to do! I reached out to Dr. Pingel to chat about my cramping and bloating and she suggested that I have my hormones tested to see if there were any concerns. She explained to me why these labs would be helpful - which made everything so clear! She also recommended a daily supplement which I have been taking for several months now. It has taken about a month of the herbs to kick in, but I am on the right track. I appreciate Dr. Pingel taking the time to listen and work with me! You are the best.

"Dr. Pingel is the healthcare coach I've been searching for! Over the past 10 years, I've wished I could find someone who could review my overall health picture and help me figure out what is going on. She was incredibly knowledgable and helpful. I am beyond grateful for her insight and look forward to working with her in the future!"

"Very knowledgeable and focused on finding out the root of the problem. I love Dr Pingel and I do recommend her to anybody going through body and hormone changes and wants to understand and address the issue."

"I highly recommend a Personal Health Consultation with Dr. Pingel. She listens. She cares. She provides detailed recommendations to improve your overall health and well being. It's obvious that Dr. Pingel loves her work. You WILL NOT be disappointed!"