The Sacrifices of a Mother: Are You Sacrificing Your Health? Take the Quiz!

August 13, 2022

Mothers everywhere understand that the sacrifices of a mother for her children know no limits. But how do you know if you're sacrificing your health?

It's a common practice I see in many patients and even friends and family members. We're often so focused on caring for those we love that we forget that if we don't care for ourselves as well, we're ultimately limited on what we can do for our family.

If you're wondering whether or not your health has been impacted by your desire to put others first, take my quiz below to learn if you're sacrificing too much, including your own health. And then keep reading for some of my top tips and tricks for taking some much-deserved guilt-free "me time" to help rebalance and reset!


QUIZ: The Sacrifices of a Mother: Are You Sacrificing Your Health?

Answer the true/false questions below as honestly as you can to learn if your sacrifices for others, especially your kids, are impacting your health.

1. I have less energy than I once had. [True or False?]

2. I often describe myself as feeling overwhelmed. [True or False?]

3. I constantly feel exhausted, even when I get more sleep than usual. [True or False?]

4. I often catch my children’s colds or other illnesses. [True or False?]

5. I easily take on the bulk of the housework and childcare, even if I have a full-time job. [True or False?]

6. Lately, I tend to experience more mood swings and snap at my kids or partner more than usual. [True or False?]

7. I’m struggling with unwanted weight gain, even though I’ve been known to miss some meals. [True or False?]

8. Due to increasing demands and an ever-growing to-do list, I have trouble relaxing—even when I have downtime. [True or False?]

9. I feel guilty when I take time for myself. [True or False?]

10. I have at least one unexplained symptom that I think should be checked out, but I’m too busy to go to the doctor. [True or False?]


I have some tough news, my friend. If you answered “True” to at least three of these questions, it’s likely that the everyday sacrifices of a mother have caused you to also, unwittingly, sacrifice your health. Specifically, you’re showing signs of caregiver burnout along with the early signs of adrenal fatigue.

But don’t worry! I have some tips to help you overcome the ways that the sacrifices of a mother have impacted your health. Keep reading for my top tips to help support your body’s ability to handle stress and calm anxiety.


Sacrifices of a mother - Dr. Pingel


Dr. Pingel’s Top Tips for Improving Your Physical and Mental Health

It’s no secret that the sacrifices of a mother extend far beyond time. When you’re putting your children, and even your partner or entire family, above yourself on a daily basis with no time for addressing your needs, it’s bound to add up.

Those unexplained headaches and bouts of exhaustion? They are the effects—and they’re the signals from your body crying out for help and some much-needed attention.

While it can be tough to make the transition to prioritizing yourself, I have to ask: When is the last time you really put yourself first? I bet it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I get it—I’ve been there, too. But when I saw the impact of my children not getting the best version, the healthiest version of me, I made some changes. So I know that you can, too.

If it helps, every time you put yourself and your health first, think of how it will improve your family’s life. The sacrifices of a mother are understandable, but if you sacrifice too much, namely yourself, your kids could be faced with losing the best parts of you, or worse—losing you altogether.

Here are some of my top tips for improving your health, starting with some smaller steps that I know you can implement successfully!

1. Ask for support.

While I know it can be hard to admit that you can’t do it all, asking your partner, parents, friends, or even a professional nanny or sitter for help for an hour or two can make a huge difference. Just getting out to take a walk or meditate or even just enjoy a funny movie can go a long way in rebalancing your center and helping to release stress.

2. Make some dietary changes.

I know that even just the idea of changing your diet can be overwhelming, but by eating more plant-based whole foods, you’ll consume more nutrients, which will support your body’s stress response and help to prevent those mood swings that can leave your kids feeling sad or confused and you feeling like you’ve failed. You’re a great mom; you just need the right nutritional support so you can show up and be your best!

3. Consider supplementation.

The truth is that we can’t get all the nutritional support we need from even the best diet; there are bound to be gaps. But one of the sacrifices of a mother shouldn’t be supporting her body on a cellular level!

There are many great supplements out there that will support your efforts. If you have trouble finding reputable sources or don’t know where to start, check out my line at Total Health Apothecary. These supplements are hand-selected to support your body’s stress response and help fill common nutritional gaps even the busiest mothers can experience.

4. Seek additional guidance.

When we get stuck in unhealthy habits and cycles, it can be hard to break them. You may need the guidance of an understanding physician to help you along.

One thing I often see in both my Personal Health Consultations and in my concierge patients is that many people just need the guidance along with the emotional support to get started on the right path.

Look, I’ve been there, so I get it. But just know that you absolutely have the power to turn things around—and you don’t have to do it alone!

The major reason I offer these services is to help people just like you turn your health around so that you can feel like yourself again and support longevity in order to be there for those you love the most for as long as possible. That doesn’t sound like such a sacrifice now, does it?

Key Takeaways:

  • Mothers everywhere understand that the sacrifices of a mother for her children know no limits. But how do you know if you're sacrificing your health?
  • If you answered “True” to at least three of questions above, it’s likely that the everyday sacrifices of a mother have caused you to also, unwittingly, sacrifice your health.
  • Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to begin to undo some of this damage, including: asking for help, eating nutritionally sound whole foods, supplementing, and seeking additional professional guidance.
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