I was absolutely exhausted. I was bloated, had acne, diarrhea and mild depression. I was dealing with constant menstrual cycle problems and autoimmune conditions. I could barely function throughout the day, having unusually low energy. My previous doctors said she was “fine” but I knew something was wrong.

Dr. Pingel brought me back to my good self. My husband said, “my wife is back.” My energy returned, I can workout again, and I’m back to my healthy weight. I’m physically and emotionally thriving again!
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After starting to work with Dr. Pingel, I went off one medication right away, and I’m now off Prozac, too. I love not having to pop that pill every day. Now I wake up in the morning and I’m not tired at all. My coworker said she can’t believe the change in me. I feel like a different person! I’m so happy to share that I lost 65 pounds—and I’ve kept all of that weight off!
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I feel really happy with my health, my energy and my outlook on life and I can't imagine anyone else listening and guiding me over the years as well as Dr. Pingel has. She's the best!
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I’ve lost 65 pounds, and now I’m thinking I can do anything I need to do. Dr. Pingel’s approach supports the whole person, not just a symptom. The change I’ve experienced is momentous—life-changing! I have my life back.
I live a life now filled with joy and regularly travel internationally. The change is incredible because I couldn’t even function before and a year later, I was in Italy by myself living my best life. And I have slept great for two solid years now!
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I was suffering from sleep deprivation, night sweats, and mood swings. I also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I started feeling a big change within the first month of working with Dr. Pingel. I was quite shocked at how quickly I started feeling better. Sleep was a huge issue before, and I started sleeping so much better. I also lost 15 pounds! My stress is pretty low now. It feels great to have my life back!
Dr. Pingel was the first person who went to the source of the problem and taught me how to handle it. Now I have so much energy! I sleep amazingly. I work out every day and love it. My husband even mentioned that he has his wife back!

Not to be dramatic, but it gave me my life back. I always say Dr. Pingel is the one that finally gave me my life back. I mean it, truthfully.
"Once we started working with Dr. Pingel, we realized that we had a very special doctor truly interested in her patients' well-being. Her responsiveness to our emails, texts, and calls is unheard of in the medical industry. She has an infinite curiosity about all things medical and is not afraid to research problems and solutions. Again, that is just not available with other physicians.”
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