Dr. Pingel has helped THOUSANDS of women Look Great, Feel Great, and Be Great
Without Relying on Medications.

Reduce Stress, Feel Joy

And Restore Your Wellness with

Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD

Dr. Pingel, a licensed naturopathic physician, is known as the Adrenal Whisperer. She has dedicated nearly 15 years of her career as an adrenal and stress expert.

She helps Rockstar women look and feel great by fixing their adrenals without using medications. Her specialty is getting to the root cause of health issues and restoring health and youthful energy.

Since learning that she was one of the 80% of adults who suffered from Adrenal Fatigue, Dr. Pingel has passionately educated about the impact stress has on adrenals. She has helped thousands fix their adrenals, which results in the reversal of many other health symtpoms, including perimenopause. It is her greatest joy to guide people to return to their happy, vibrant and energetic selves.

Dr. Pingel has appeared on nearly a dozen TV shows including: The Dr. Axe Show, Ask the Expert with JJ Virgin, Good Morning Arizona, The Arizona Daily Mix with Brad Perry, and many others.

She has contributed to many publications, most notably: Mind Body Green, Prevention Magazine, Yoga Journal, Eat This Not That, MSN.com, Vitamin Shoppe, Health Central, Birdie, and Livestrong.

Dr. Pingel, affectionately known as The Hip Hop Adrenal Doc, is commonly found dancing all over social media, cheering on her two boys at football, creating healthy vegan recipes in her kitchen and snuggling her 3 dogs and cat at home with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona.

Get to know Dr. Pingel

Here are few fun facts about me:
I’m a Naturopathic doctor known as the Adrenal Whisperer
I’m a dog mom and a boy mom
I’m an amateur chef
I love to dance; hip hop is my jam
I once dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian
I’m the author of the Best-Selling Book, Total Health Turnaround, which has sold over 60,000 copies
I’m the CEO of Total Health Apothecary, a supplement line designed to nourish adrenals under stress
I’m the CEO of Pingel Progressive Medicine, a Naturopathic Concierge Medical Practice
I host a weekly FB and IG Live “Ask Dr. Pingel” where I answer live questions from the public on naturopathic approaches and therapies to common conditions
I’m the creator of the health programs: The Total Energy Turnaround, 30 day Total Health Turnaround, 7 Day Ultimate Detox and 30 day Walking for Weight Loss.

Check out Dr. Pingel's Programs

Dr. Pingel has helped 1000s of women like you, lower stress, lose weight and revitalize their life.

7 Day Challenge: The Ultimate Detox

This is an easy food-based challenge that doesn’t require ANY supplements. Let’s clean out that pantry and start the process of removing stress from your body through hyper focused and intentional nutrition practices. Dr. Pingel has spent years handcrafting the tools to help make immediate change and lose weight in the process. This ULTIMATE Detox comes fully loaded with an e-book AND cookbook written by Dr. Pingel!
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12 Week Total Energy Turnaround Program

After the detox, it’s time to go deeper. This is the PERFECT way to kickstart the process of de-stressing the body and overcoming adrenal fatigue. In just 12 weeks you will gain more energy, bring joy back to your life and finally understand how nutrition and supplements support your adrenal and overall health so you can create balance and focus in your day to day life.
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One on One Concierge

Dr. Pingel WELCOMES you to work in her one on one concierge practice located in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Pingel’s one on one patients receive a customized health plan, comprehensive labs and routine visits..
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